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Canadian developed software system designed for enhanced rapid incident management to help save lives.

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Why EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions?

EpiTrace Sentinel enables public health managers to quickly identify potential new cases in a pandemic—intercepts, locates, connects and helps protect people and communities around the globe.

Our system enhances the ability of public health managers to quickly and effectively respond to public health emergency events —pandemics, natural disasters, chronic illnesses, and more. It intercepts, locates, connects and helps protect people and communities anywhere, at any time, on any scale—in real time.

The founders and creators of EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions Inc. have a strong desire to contribute to the greater good, and not focus strictly on business success. EpiTrace Sentinel was envisioned with privacy by design from the ground up for rapid wide area deployment; to be responsive, easy to use, easy to integrate, and effective with minimal hardware and operational requirements. Our solution scales easily: from isolated stand-alone solutions in remote regions to full-scale cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)—at national and international deployment levels.

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The key success factors in managing any future waves of COVID-19 will include frequent and widespread testing of the population, and rapid, comprehensive contact tracing. EpiTrace Sentinel makes contact tracing much more efficient for healthcare providers, and provides accurate, timely, and readily available data to healthcare planners and officials who are leading the efforts to combat this and future serious public health threats.

Trevor L. Strome, MSc (Public Health Sciences - Epidemiology), Assistant Professor - Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Manitoba

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If we can provide even a few months of early warning for just one pandemic, the benefits will outweigh all the time and energy we're devoting. Imagine preventing health crises, not just responding to them.

Nathan Wolfe, Ph.D., Virologist

We need 3 things to stop an epidemic: an evidence base, an implementation system, and political will.

Dr. Carl Bell

We know how to stop Ebola: by isolating and treating patients, tracing and monitoring their contacts, and breaking the chains of transmission.

Tom Frieden, Former CDC Director