EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions Inc.

At the public level the founders of EpiTrace© Sentinel Solutions Inc. are well aware of the risks associated with pandemics, not just COVID-19, but other pandemics which experts predict will come, and soon. We have been here before.

When the SARS outbreak occurred in 2003, no real-time technology or tracking system was available. Exposure and contagion identifiers were sticky notes mounted on white boards in a central (non-distributed) location. Banker’s boxes were used to store the more detailed files of individual subjects.

The first generation EpiTrace system, called EpiTrack at the time, was demonstrated in a small-scale test to medical authorities in Ontario with real SARS data, which showed exactly where new outbreaks were going to occur. Unfortunately, there was no uptake at that time because the crisis seemed to be over, and the sense of urgency had passed. Sadly, however, it wasn't over, and people died in SARS 2, including one of our founder’s best friends.

In the following provincial election, the leadership of the provincial government changed and thus did the experiential perspectives of the political leadership.

And so here we are — once again

1024x1024 - SOURCE - commons.wikimedia.org - schematic_of_app-based_COVID-19_contact_tracing_Fig._4_from_Ferretti_et_al._2020

The need for such a system is just as relevant today, if not more so, as it was in the time of the SARS outbreak. The SARS-CoV 2 virus was more complex in determining the timing of contagion, more contagious, and proved perhaps more lethal when compared to SARS.

To that end, we have developed and continue to empower the next generation, Software-as-a-Service, operational, real-time Augmented Intelligence system—EpiTrace Sentinel—designed to capture information and sound the early alarm on potential pandemics.

We are proud to expand the original team with outstanding new members who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, and who are just as committed to our mission — to help save lives!