Our mission is to help save lives

EpiTrace Sentinel's singular mission is to help save lives!

EpiTrace Sentinel is an open source, privacy focused, augmented intelligence system designed to enhance the capabilities of health care professionals in responding to epidemic or pandemic events.

Our system can alert public health personnel, at the earliest possible opportunity, by eliminating potential delays in receiving test results, while at the same time, locating and mapping interconnected contacts across arbitrary boundaries and identifying potential hotspots. By recording and tracing movement/location, medical status and contacts of infected and/or high risk persons, while maintaining privacy, the system traces and can assist in predicting locations of outbreaks across any region.

EpiTrace Sentinel is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and scales easily - capable of handling an unlimited number of data input sources in the event of a massive public health emergency. Extensions to the system are in development to interface with smartphones, additional mobile apps, and wearable tracing technology.

We provide contact tracing capabilities that can integrate with existing health care systems and processes, avoiding proprietary barriers to implementation. The system has low requirements for hardware and software and functions effectively even on tablets and mobile devices.