Compare EpiTrace Sentinel and COVID Alert App

Features and Benefits Comparison Matrix

Who is EpiTrace Sentinel© for?

It is ideally suited for Health Care Professionals and Authorized Events Tracers who are tasked with responding to outbreaks and hotspots. It allows them to collect and react to both confirmed infected and possibly infected individuals to anticipate the next potential outbreak—illustrated in the system as an Early Warning Flare.

What does this mean exactly?

Individuals can be contacted and advised to self-isolate and seek testing more rapidly—thus mitigating delays in testing. EpiTrace Sentinel provides a clearer picture of the spread of disease.

Integrated Solution

EpiTrace Sentinel can be used as part of an integrated solution for events tracing and management of disease outbreaks. It works in tandem with most mobile alert apps to provide a robust solution that is safe and secure, whether locally, nationally or across international borders


* Government of Canada COVID Alert App uses the Apple-Google Exposure Notifications framework to allow Bluetooth to estimate distance from other phones. The framework is available only on the following operating systems:

  • Apple iOS 13.5 or later versions
  • Android 6 or later versions with updated Google Play Services

** COVID Alert uses Bluetooth to estimate how close people are by measuring the strength of the signal. It is designed to ignore encounters with phones that are further than 2 metres away or in different rooms or units. However, Bluetooth technology is not perfect. Its signals can be affected by things like metals, microwave ovens, other people, crowded spaces like public transit, etc.