Duncan Campbell

Chief Architect Development

Duncan Campbell, Chief Architect Development - EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions Inc.DUNCAN CAMPBELL — Duncan has over 35 years of technology experience. He has held Lead Engineer and Systems Integrator/Analyst and Chief Architect positions, and has extensive experience in the design and development of network and communication architecture for advanced systems.

Duncan holds valuable software copyrights and has consulted for global corporations in the areas of networks, real-time systems (including cartography), communications, and technology transfer.

He is very adept at making advanced systems and networks work together for, but not limited to: Lockheed Missile and Space (Plainfield New Jersey, Taipei ROC), Prior Data Sciences (Ottawa), Canadian Marconi Corporation (Ottawa) as well as consultant to Moscow State University Physics department (Internet and Communications Theory), Microsoft Corporation (Vancouver), Motorola Corporation (Vancouver), and Epic Data Ltd. (Vancouver).

Duncan designed the real-time incident-event cartography engine REventCarta™ [part of EpiTrace Sentinel's core technology]. He is also a network, real-time cartography, and communication specialist. Duncan holds a B.A. in History and Major in Science from University of Alberta. He is widely travelled, speaks some Russian, Mandarin and is literate in French.

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