Lloyd Osler

Executive VP Development and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lloyd Osler, Executive VP Development and COO - EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions Inc.LLOYD OSLER — A highly experienced Executive and Operational Manager who has demonstrated the ability to assemble and lead diverse teams of professionals and organizations to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. He brings a unique technology, business and marketing mindset to every project and opportunity.

With over forty years of experience in technology, business integration and development in the IT industry, the last twenty primarily in the health industry, he has developed strong technical and business qualifications in business development, governance and organizational structure, strategic planning, and project and product management. An outstanding negotiator, strategic planner and business builder who has a unique grasp of both the big picture and on-the-ground operational functions and tasks that are necessary to develop, grow and manage sound business opportunities.

In the role of Founder and Chief Architect, has pioneered several industry leading Real-Time Incident Events Management Systems including: several Electronic Medical Records (EMR-Rampart) systems and data analysis and decision support systems in the health (EpiTrace) and livestock (F.A.R.M.) industries, asset and inventory management, and content and document management. Principal patent holder for all developed technology

Served as Founder, CEO and Chief Architect for a number of SME's including but not limited to: OVISTECH Corp., Roam IT and OVIS Inc. He also served as Vice President and General Manager, DATA INTEGATION INC. (Los Angles, California), and Executive Sales and Marketing Manager with SPERRY/UNISYS Canada, as well as Marketing Consultant to IBM Canada.

He completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering under the Regular Officers Training Program (ROTP), subsequently serving as an officer in the RCAF for eight years before retiring to return to graduate school. As a Candidate for Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering (Honors), he pioneered real-time systems for leading biomedical research.

He has served on various industry and economic development organizations including but not limited to Innovation Canada (I-CAN), PRECARN, Economic Development Edmonton as well as being selected as one of 500 CEOs across Canada to participate in workshop sponsored by Industry Canada to assist in setting national policy. 

After the SARS pandemic, he was invited as Guest Speaker, to the Canadian Institute's "Healthcare Emergency Preparedness" Summit in Toronto, Canada. Nov 24 and 25, 2003, presenting the topic "Real-Time Data Acquisition and Management during Emergencies". He returned the following year as Guest Panel Moderator.

Profiled in the 1994-95 Who’s Who in Alberta journal, during his career he has served on the boards of many volunteer and non profit organizations in director and executive positions.

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