In an outbreak, time is of the essence

Health professionals charged with tracing and tracking the spread of a pandemic disease require easy and rapid access to tools that enhance their capability to respond to the outbreak. In many countries and locations, technology and internet connectivity is widely available. Some countries and locations, however, have very limited technology resources. EpiTrace Sentinel was designed to provide a fully functional pandemic event tracing system to those areas lacking such resources.

EpiTrace Sentinel augments the event tracing efforts of health workers by delivering access to the solution that is fully functional on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Event tracers using EpiTrace Sentinel require no special equipment, no installation of a mobile app, and work on both Apple and Android platforms.

All you need: mobile browser and authorized access

Mobility - EpiTrace Sentinel Solutions Inc.

Enabling event tracers to be fully functional and mobile, and to work from a location that is appropriate to the scenario at hand, EpiTrace Sentinel lets authorized event tracers add, modify, and update records directly in the system, in real time.

This ensures minimal delays in establishing intersections and interconnections of contacts. There is no need to spend time entering data after the fact, and no chance of lost or misplaced paper documents.

Laptop and bootable USB drive

EpiTrace Sentinel has been designed to be sufficiently compact and mobile so that tracers could be sent out into the field with a laptop and a bootable USB drive to run an entire instance of the system in an area where there may be no internet connectivity. Data collected during such an isolated “in-field” effort could then be exported from the laptop and imported into the larger system as soon as internet connectivity becomes available. A self-contained pandemic tracing system that is fully functional, secure, and portable.